Commercial Locksmith

We believe a business is like a second home, and those who work there are all a big family. Under this philosophy, we believe that the responsibility of all business men is to protect their assets and everyone under their wing. Locksmith Minneapolis has followed this way of thinking and has helped many businesses in both sides of the Mississippi achieve the highest security standards.

We not only offer sturdy and functional doors and gates for companies of any size. We also provide advice on how to create a more efficient workflow by making good use of entrances and doorways.

Long gone are the days when businesses installed heavy doors in every doorway, just to find out that having their employees opening and closing them was slowing down the whole productive process.

More versatile and flexible solutions have been created, making it possible to install access control systems that allow unhindered workflow, while creating a safer environment.

Institutional Cooperation

We not only help businesses get the best security devices. We also work closely with our community, law enforcement and prevention institutions to create a safer environment for everyone. Schools and hospitals work with us to prevent emergencies or to design efficient and effective plans in case of any unforeseen event.

Surveillance Systems

It has been demonstrated that a watchful eye goes a long way in making everyone in a company be more responsible and honest. Employees that feel they are being watched, are less prone to engage in dishonest reckless behavior. Locksmith Minneapolis works with the best closed circuit television brands. Call us today to have our team inspect your premises and help you decide how to install cameras to make sure there are no blind spots. They will also help you decide which system offers you the right amount of features and versatility for your business.