Automotive Locksmith

Our dedicated automotive locksmith department is one of the biggests located in the Twin Cities. We offer a wide varieties of locks and anti-theft systems for cars of any make, ensuring no damage is done to the paint finish or the delicate electronic systems.

The Locksmith Minneapolis automotive department started as a small shop that used to install traditional and simple locks for cars. Soon we discovered how common it is for someone to get locked out of their cars in the worst moments or places. So we set a fleet of mobile units especially equipped to take care of road emergencies in record time.

As our business grew, and car makers created ever more complicated systems to protect their cars or interact with their drivers, we saw the need to have especially trained automotive locksmiths. Nowadays we offer the latest products for car locks, transponders, remote switches and openers, alarms and immobilizers. We make sure your car canĀ“t be moved without your consent.

Emergency Locksmith

We are proud to have the widest coverage, and the fastest response times in Minnesota. When you call Locksmith Minneapolis, you can be sure one of our vans is always five minutes away from you, no matter which side of the Mississippi river you are.

Our polite team will do everything in their power to give you assistance while you wait for one of our vans to arrive. No more long waits or hidden fees.