About Us

Locksmith Minneapolis

Welcome! We thank you for taking the time to get to know us better. We hope to have the honor of being useful to you.

Locksmith Minneapolis has always worked hard to improve their community’s safety. From a young age, we worked often as handymen in Calhoun Beach, and the amount of lock-related issues we encountered was remarkable. Soon, we decided to buy a few specialized tools, and a key cutting machine and the path was settled: we became locksmiths! Our neighbors played an important role in the process; we heard their suggestions and opinions and shaped our business model using their input.

Since its beginning, Locksmith Minneapolis was much more than a couple of technicians fixing and replacing locks in their neighborhood. It was envisioned with the higher goal of making a difference by encouraging prevention, while also giving job opportunities to other members of our community. We opened our first agency close to our beloved Calhoun Beach and used an old truck to attend emergencies, sometimes even on the other side of the city. After a couple of years, we were unable to handle the demand, so the next step had to be taken.

We raised a solid customer base and worked continuously to open a second agency, hiring more locksmith professionals. We also started a training program and taught our new employees about the importance of customer service. “Customer service will keep clients coming back, regardless our failures” was our first lesson.

We also faced hard times. We learned the hard way how difficult it was to compete against the other big players in an enormous and vibrant city. Minneapolis wasn’t elected as the “top tech city” for naught. It surpasses considerably most of the cities in the U.S. in a wide range of areas that rely on technological advances, including commerce, healthcare, finance, transportation services and industry. This meant that competition for being the most innovative security agency was fierce, and it took us a great amount of effort and investments to be on top of the game.
As you might expect, technology was the key to our success. We found the perfect way to merge the ancient art of locksmithing with the new improvements in the security field, to create an original and efficient program to protect homes, business and cars against thieves and undesired visitants.

Today, Locksmith Minneapolis is capable of making people’s lives easier and safer. Call us and let us show you how!