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Locksmith Minneapolis is part of a long tradition of people who helped built this city from the ground up. We started mainly as residential locksmiths and grew up to be specialists in home protection. We offer a wide variety of services that include installation of security doors, lock replacement, rekeying,emergency lockout services, surveillance, residential management systems, and ironworks

Residential Locksmith Services
Locksmith Minneapolis automotive

Our dedicated automotive locksmith department is one of the biggests located in the Twin Cities. We offer a wide varieties of locks and anti-theft systems for cars of any make, ensuring no damage is done to the paint finish or the delicate electronic systems. The Locksmith Minneapolis automotive department started as a small shop that used to install traditional and simple locks for cars. Soon we discovered how common it is for someone to get locked out of their cars in the worst moments or places. So we set a fleet of mobile units especially equipped to take care of road emergencies in record time. .

Automotive Locksmith Services
Locksmith Minneapolis commercial

We believe a business is like a second home, and those who work there are all a big family. Under this philosophy, we believe that the responsibility of all business men is to protect their assets and everyone under their wing. Locksmith Minneapolis has followed this way of thinking and has helped many businesses in both sides of the Mississippi achieve the highest security standards. We not only offer sturdy and functional doors and gates for companies of any size. We also provide advice on how to create a more efficient workflow by making good use of entrances and doorways. Long gone are the days when businesses installed heavy doors in every doorway, just to find out that having their employees opening and closing them was slowing down the whole productive process.

Commercial Locksmith Services
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If you have any doubt or require more information about our services, don’t think twice and call us! It can make the difference the next time you find yourself in an emergency situation. We will gladly answer everything you want to know after all, all we seek is to fulfill all your needs.

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Locksmith Minneapolis

Locksmith Minneapolis, the most experienced team of Locksmiths on boths sides of the Mississippi river. Find out more about the exciting world of locksmithing, or about our exclusive services right here. Or call now if you are in need of fast reliable and affordable locksmith services in the Minneapolis or St. Paul area. Why is it important to hire the right locksmith? As everyone knows, there are literally hundreds of locksmiths in Minneapolis, and apparently all of them are ready to take your call. However, none of them have the experience and reliability a well established locksmith company can offer. Many locksmiths are just amateurs who learned how to pick a lock using rudimentary tools. A lot of them actually damage the door and lock, and then charge you outrageous fees for installing cheap locksets. A true Minneapolis Locksmith knows how to disarm any lock without causing unnecessary damage, and is insured in case something goes awry. We take your security and economy seriously. The best part is that we have only one flat fee for our services, so you know you´re dealing with honest professionals.

Why choose us?

Locksmith Minneapolis not only offers emergency lockout services. We are an agency dedicated to home and business security, making sure our clients live and work in the safest environment. When it comes to handling your security you shouldn’t take any risks, after all nobody wants to gamble when it comes to protecting their belongings. It’s not only about the correct installation, which needs to be done by professional locksmiths that know all the procedures to ensure that the lifespan of the lock or security system isn’t affected. What really makes the difference is the periodic maintenance that every lock and security system needs.Locksmith Minneapolis understands the problems that arise from faulty repairs and installation, its consequences range from a faulty lock to getting locked out without previous notice. That’s why we are available for you 24/7 to help you deal with those unexpected lock problems. Just call us and we will be there in minutes!

Our Skills

House Lock Installation, Opening, Repair, change, Re-keying, Making 100%
Car Lock Opening, Repair, Change, Ee-keying, Making 95%
Garage Door Gallery, Consultation, Access Control With Integrated Video 95%
Access Control Panel and Software, Video Surveillance 100%
Locks For Your Furniture and Window, Ignition Solutions 100%

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